Benzara 44757 Polystone Bird Wall Decorative, Set of 3

Benzara 44757 Polystone Bird Wall Decorative, Set of 3
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  • Polystone Bird Wall Decorative Set of 3 Dimensions (inches): L 10 x W 3 x H 11, L 10 x W 2 x H 11, L 10 x W 3 x H 10
  • With three birds in various flying positions
  • Made using quality materials

The ability of birds to fly makes then fascinating in our eyes. We as humans want to imitate them, if not in physical flight but in the heights of achievement. These Polystone Bird Wall decorative set has got birds in three different flying positions. Very cool to look at, these birds will add the deft touch to your wall. Attaching them would mean that your modern or traditionally themed home will gain an additional edge in terms of appeal.

Also, this Polystone Bird wall decorative set have been made using quality materials; this ensures that they will last in tiptop condition for years to come. They can also be made into great gifts for near and dear ones. Indeed, their looks are infectious. So consider getting them today; the appeal of your interior stands only to gain.

  • Dimesnions:
  • Length:12
  • Width:10
  • Height;12